• Li ion battery packs

Custom Battery Pack For Any Application 

  • DTP Battery has strong capability to  design a Lithium Ion battery pack to fit your product’s specific application’s need, because we have rich experiences design team.
  • Every cells in the battery pack are strictly selected to make sure they are highly consistency on electrochemical performance. Then, make them in series and parallel battery pack insure each Lithium Ion battery pack has long cycle life and good discharge and charge performance.
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OEM/ODM Power Banks


  • Easily connect to your mobile device or your cell phone to charge up your life. You can enjoy looks and a style that would normally cost you much more. Here’s a look at just a few of the benefits you’ll be able to get out of our power bank design solution.
  • Our design engineers produce the good look power that others with envy. Power up any device and technology with the efficient style and good looks that our power banks are known for.
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  • Custom Power banks

Lithium Ion Polymer Batteries


  • Polymer Li ion battery is a kind of new structure of lithium ion battery. The biggest characteristic of the lithium ion polymer battery is high specific energy density, but more lightweight and safer.The materials for Lithium ion battery(Li-polymer) can be LiCoO2, LMN and LiFoP4 we made, that depends on your application, while negative materials is commonly graphite, which make as the negative of lithium ion batteries, due to the formation of graphite in the organic electrolyte can make the electronic and lithium ion free pass through the SEI film.
  • We owned production capability more than 80,000 ampere hours of lithium ion Polymer (Lithium ion ) batteries per day with advantaged facility. It has  features of higher capacit,single battery output higher voltage,lower self consumption,long cycle life,safer performance,no memory effect and meet 100% RoHS compliance.
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Lithium Ion Cylindrical Batteries


  • Lithium Ion cylindrical type batteries are a good shape which can be basic elements in series and parallel in any battery pack. It is a basic one of stand models, inventory are always available.
  • Till now we have carried cylindrical type lithium ion battery cell can reach 4.35V and support max 30A discharge current for a single cell, that are popular for application of robotics, electric motor bike, Solar panel powers, and electric power tools.
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