Custom Lithium ion Battery pack general information

Li ion battery pack means two or more than two lithium ion battery cells connected in one pack. Every battery pack voltage and capacity could be customized according to your electric applications.Single battery rated 3.7V,the charging limit voltage is 4.2V, times the number of the battery cells connected in series to get rated voltage doubled. And times number of battery cells quantity connected in parallel to get battery pack capacity doubled. In order to make each Li ion battery pack producing its the best possible energy, the battery cells must be highly in consistency. DTP Battery carefully selects each battery cells using for the battery packs matching, to ensure that the difference between each cell is less than 3% on capacity(mAh),volt, and internal resistance.

As li-ion battery manufacturers, DTP battery devotes themselves to working out the high energy, high quality, high green and safety rechargeable lithium ion batteries and fulfill perfect battery pack designs & productions with affordable cost, durable utility.

DTP Battery provides you with complete battery pack solutions for your unique electric applications, like portable consumer electronics, portable power tools, electric-bikes, robots, medical devices, wearing electronics. we are able to deliver the most dependable and most economical battery pack solutions for you.

We can design and produce custom portable power systems using LiCoO2,NCM((Li(NiCoMn)O2)) or LiFePO4 as anode materials to make lithium ion or lithium ion polymer battery pack depending on your unique any applications. The cell of each custom battery pack we made is carefully selected to match connected in a battery pack, that insures whole battery pack operation performance and longer cycle life times.

Battery with enclosure and LED indicator lights
Batteries Pack with enclosure

We make battery packs in variety method with various housing/enclosure based on your special applications. The housing materials could be  ABS+PC,aluminum, rubber, leather for your options. Any special functions you want to add to battery pack is possible.

7.4V battery pack

Connecting two pieces of lithium ion battery cells in series to get 7.4V battery pack,and connecting numbers of batteries in parallel to double battery pack final power. Then embed safety circuit or BMS. 

11.1V  Battery pack

These voltage of Battery packs are commonly used for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV),car chargers, wireless phones, and some other portable devices. We make cells electric performance in high consistency and strictly selected cells prior to assembly.

14.8V  battery pack

14.8V battery packed are widely used for some uninterruptible power system with high capacity. The battery packs are generally assembled with BMS to control battery operating in safety environment as well as protecting battery from over current, temperature.

24V Lithium ion battery pack

These voltages of battery packs are commonly used for electric bike, cart and solar energy system. BMS as an important part of the battery has to be added more functions expect safety circuit in order to work well under harsh operating environment.

36V Lithium ion battery pack

We can make NMC or LiFePO4 as anode materials to make lithium ion or lithium ion polymer battery pack depending on your unique any applications. The Battery BMS can be customized depending on your application’s request.

48V battery pack

We’ve been made 48V battery pack with different assembly method for solar panel system, uninterruptible power system (UPS) for telecom basic station, and electric bike. The housing and be tailored based on your application’s need.

3.7V li ion battery

Li-ion and lithium polymer batteries must be assembled with safety circuit, to protect the battery working not over voltage 4.25V and not under voltage 2.75V. Batteries wires length and connector type can be customized depending your application’s need.

Utilizing advanced mechanical and electronic battery design tools and test equipment, as well as our extensive industry experience, we are able to optimize the safety, reliability, and manufacturability of our customers’ batteries.

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