Lithium ion battery general information

Lithium ion batteries (Li-Ion polymer) are high energy density battery that are widely used in from the electric equipment to electronics devices market. DTP Battery manufactures lithium ion batteries and li-polymer batteries with mainly three type of chemical raw materials for different applications. These three types chemical materials are LiCoO2, NMC and LiFePO4 used for anode electrode. Commonly LiCoO2 batteries are used for portable consumer electronics because of its highest energy density in three, like smartphones, medial players, table PC, while NMC and LiFePO4 lithium ion batteries are used for applications that requires rugged operating environment, long cycle life, high output current, such as power tools, solar energy storage, UPS , E-bikes, etc.


1.High energy density and high voltage contribute to make equipment smaller and thinner. The li-polymer battery/Li-ion battery energy reach 500wh/L.
2.Apply aluminum or compound foil for outer package can to make batteries lighter and safer.
3, Wide range of operating temperature, discharge -20ºC ~ 80 ºC. Charge current 0ºC ~60ºC

4, No memory efficiency,charge and discharge at any time.

5, No pollution,without hazardous elements, free of Cadmium, lead, mercury, hexavelant Chromium. 

6, long cycle life. It remains 80% of initial capacity after cycled 2000 times.

7, Less weight much than Cd-MH and Ni-MH batteries.

8,  Custom dimension according to your needing.


1, Li-ion batteries/Lithium-ion polymer batteries are popular used for any type of consumer electronics, such as Tablet PC, smart phones, wearable device, toys, , notebooks, cameras, and any wireless devices.

2, Lithium ion batteries or battery packs are used for power machines, supplying DC powers to electric equipments or devices.

3, Robotics. Generally it requests battery with output rated higher current and voltage.

4, Wearable devices ask extremely safe and pretty light weight and long working time.

5, Electric bikes and golf carts request lithium ion battery and li-polymer battery with long cycle life, without maintenance, some of them may need to monitor the battery working status by communication protocol.

6, Lithium- ion battery or Li-polymer battery consist of Uninterrupted Power System(UPS) for Telecom basic station and home solar energy savings and street light solar energy saving . 

Li-ion Polymer batteries with optional dimensions and amperes

BMS/Safety circuit for Li-ion batteries/Li-ion polymer batteries

Lithium ion batteries Test Data

Discharge at different Current

Performance Under Different Temperature

Cycle Life Curve

Charge & Discharge performance

We manufacture rechargeable lithium ion battery and lithium ion polymer batteries in a high quality of raw chemical materials, quality control each producing step to insure each battery products you got from us are highly qualified. Till now, we have manufactured and developed more than 500 lithium ion battery models with different capacity and dimension.

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