Power Bank & Mobile Charger

When you need the best power bank design that matches your lifestyle, this will be your best choice. With a strong design team and manufacturer facility, we can easily make your idea come true. All the lithium ion battery cells used for power banks are high quality and double-checked prior to shipping in order to make sure all of them meet your needs.

Power banks we make easily connect to your mobile device or your cell phone to charge up your life. You can enjoy looks and a style that would normally cost you much more.

Package and cables for your custom power banks can also be tailored on request.

Few standard models of power banks


Neverup power bank is a magic power supply for smartphones users who watch videos. The holder can be folded so it’s easy to bring with you. The optional colors are gold and silver, we can also provide any other colors options on large quantity orders

iPhone battery case

iPhone battery cases are a popular power supply for most iPhone 6 and 6 plus users. They contain high quality lithium ion polymer cells and an intelligent motherboard. We have also upgraded this battery case to fit the iPhone6, iPhone 6 plus and iPhone 7.


Feelik power bank has a smooth touch with round edges. Plastic housing can be easily display your printed logo and special images, depending on your needs. Every power bank is fully inspected and tested. The cable for iPhones and Android phones are optional.

100% Custom Power Bank

Custom power banks are commonly used for the gift market, and many companies used it as a promotion tool. We’re engaged in 100% quality design based on your promotion requirement.

Love shape power banks

Cobblestone shape

Power bank with mirror

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