The batteries and battery packs can not be charged that  can be caused by following factors:

  • the charger was reversed or went out of order;
  • Some specific operatings triggered battery safety board
  • the battery packs and charger was external short circuit.

In view of the above undesirable phenomena can be processed as: if the charger was reversed; if the positive and negative pole plugs of the battery packs were reversed; restarting the electrical appliances and removing the protection from protection board, measuring if the protection board MOS tube was to drive the voltage or not; checking if wire connection was loosed or disconnected.

The battery and battery packs cannot be discharged normally when using,there were several reasons:

  • battery packs voltage was lower than protection board or controller protection;
  • protection board or controller was damaged;
  • positive and negative pole was reversed when discharge; wire was disconnection or switch was not opened.

In the view of the above undesirable phenomena, the problems can be solved as: charging the battery packs; checking protection board or wires connection.

After cycles , the battery packs need to be recharged. The charging stopped even though the whole battery packs did not reach the cut-off voltage. This situation was because of the single cells’ electricity and capacity in a battery pack was inconsistent. Higher electricity or lower capacity battery cells were fully charged firstly and protected by protection board, so other battery cells in the same battery pack will stop charge without fully charged.

To this situation, the battery packs can be re-charged by using balance charger to maintain every series cells to have the same voltage. If there were large difference on capacity, the battery cells must be replaced.

When battery was charged fully and discharged out of power in a short time, that could be caused by follow factors:

  • The battery was not fully charged;
  • Large difference between voltage and capacity for single series cell;
  • battery packs were short circuit or had large self-discharge that led to the battery pack has just been consumed after full saturation.
When the battery or battery packs were charged or discharged, the temperature was abnormally higher and hot. This may be due to the emergence of high internal resistance of the battery or battery pack with micro short circuit caused an increase in temperature of the battery when charging and discharging. Battery packs with long-term high temperature work were very dangerous. For this situation, defective batteries must be replaced or micro circuit line must be repaired.
The battery packs were end of life within the promise using time. This was because the battery packs’ consistency was poor or individual series battery performance was particularly poor, so that the battery packs did not fully charged and discharged. This kind of situation needs to replace the bad battery.
Battery packs stop working suddenly, possible reason

  •  Battery was fully discharged and reached to the minimum voltage of protection board or controller,
  • protection board or controller took action to stop the battery packs;
  • or continuous working current is too large (such as electric in load start or climbing), more than the protection board or controller design current protection, so will stop continuous working.

All above could make the batteries or battery packs suddenly stop working. In this case, the battery packs can be charged with electrical appliances or re-adjusting the parameters to replace the protection board and controller.

The explosion of battery packs at rest or use, this situation with the battery packs was rare as the fire, but will cause serious consequences. This also caused by the external or internal short circuit. External short circuit is equivalent to the moment of ultra large current discharge and over the limit of the battery cells protection; the internal generation of gas will be instantly emitted, it’s very dangerous. Internal short circuit and the sealing effect of the diaphragm will also be an explosion.

To prevent external short circuit, battery packs can use protection circuit board. The protection board has the function of short circuit and over current protection which can completely eliminate the risk. But the battery internal short circuit must be eliminated by improving the process and using the safe and reliable materials.

The problems that may arise from the use of the battery packs above can be seen engineering, process problems, charger, protection board problems, appliances and appliances docking problem, the operation and usage are inappropriate will may make the battery packs failure. So in the process of review, design, production and materials selection, we must avoid these risks and guide customers to use the battery packs correctly to ensure the safety of the battery packs.