As a trusted and reliable company with a great reputation, you can trust us .

We started developing Lithium ion battery and Lithium ion polymer batteries in 2003. More than 50% of our customers have been working with us since then.  They never forget us, and we always stand by them whatever the challenges we might face.
Many of our products we created and manufactured need Lithium ion polymer batteries. DTP is our first vendor that we have selected. We’re happy to work with you, thanks for your helping.We have held up very well throughout our relationship with DTP Battery. You have always made positive modifications to your batteries, and your commitment to making a good product will allow us to continue delivering a great product our customers.
Alfer, Margz
We’ve always used DTP Battery’s lithium ion polymer batteries for our mobile devices. The flexibility of the batteries allows us to be flexible with the designs of our products and better optimize the extra space that using the battery provides. For us, we will not go back to the old model batteries.
Grace xu
Our headphones are powered by lithium ion polymer batteries, courtesy of DTP battery and for their miniscule size they have given our products an immeasurable amount of power and exponentially increased their performance. They are very easy to implement into our product as they complement the physical form factor of our headphones very well.
DTP Battery are a fantastic company! I’m happy with you and your products. The last shipping arrived at us two weeks ago. No effective news released, I think they are should be as good quality as always you made. Thanks
Chris Philips
Hi Candy, good news for you. Your batteries for our pilot run of the project has passed and now we approved your battery performance. Now we confirmed your battery,DTP603048 ,will be the only one batteries for our project #CN0036. This project forecast annual 150,000 pcs. Pls give me your best quote. Once get your offer, 10K pcs order will be released and you have to delivered them by end of July,2015.
Bruce Kim
Sophia, we deliver 11000pcs battery pack,7.4V to my customers yesterday, no defective till now. My customer is very happy, thank you.
Tim Kushu
The reason why we like this battery and have chosen DTP Battery as our vendor is because we firmly believe that the quality of every component in our phones indicates the quality of the phone itself. DTP’s lithium ion polymer battery has a long life and an exceedingly low-discharge rate, which keeps our customer satisfaction rate high and engenders trust. In all, we put our own trust in DTP Battery. Thank you.
Matteo Marco
Thanks for your helping. I felt happy and nice to meet you in Shenzhen. After toured your factory, I even more determined your batteries quality and services. Ms Laura will send you PO not late tomorrow.
Matteo Kiiskino