Lithium Ion battery Packs for uninterruptible power system(UPS)

More and more customers replace their lead-acid battery with Lithium Ion batteries for their uninterruptible power system.

Lithium ion polymer batteries are manufactured for uninterruptible Power System (UPS) based on the options of battery anode LiCoO2,LiFePO4 and NMC according to the application requirements.


  • Long cycle life
  • High density energy
  • High rate discharge
  • Safe and free maintenance


We always focus on your modern electronic devices and DTP Battery supplies high technical Lithium Ion polymer batteries. Every battery you get for your UPS system is strictly inspected at our factory.

  • Safe and durable, cycle life can reach more than 2000 cycles.
  • Wide range of operating temperatures
  • Intelligent battery management system protects the battery from over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, short circuit, balance current and voltage.
  • Battery dimension, shape, capacity, voltage, all of them can be tailored.
  • Pollution and maintenance-free
  • Full solution for almost all of applications

Why we’re your  best choice ?

  • Support a wide range of assembly methods
  • Own experienced and strong design team.
  • Batteries are UL, CE certified.
  • ISO9001 and 14001 quality system managed.
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